Company Profile

MICROREX , an Italian company, has been working in the Office Automation branch for 30 years and has been producing write-read devices for magnetic cards and chip-cards for 20 years, steadily developing new products for customised applications in the field of pre-paid solutions, control, management and periodical check of services provided by several office equipment pieces, as also in the field of fidelity cards: said write-read devices can be connected to photocopying machines - any type and brand -, laser printers, Personal computers, microfiche reader-printers, duplicating devices, faxes, modem etc.; generally, they find an application where a self- service sale with pre-paid solution, or where the control and the periodical check of services used are requested. Thanks to an optional software, the devices can manage launch and payment of print jobs coming from networked client workstations (print queue management)
The write-read devices are essential in Universities, Schools, Libraries, Service Centres, Offices, Public Institutions, Firms, Associations, Clubs, Internet points.
Write-read devices can also work in stand-alone mode as fidelity-loyalty and/or prepaid cashless system (suited for chain stores, shops, hotels, holiday resorts, campsites, discos etc.): they can accrue or decrease points/currency from the magnetic cards, targeted either to collect points that may be redeemed as discounts or bonus or to offer an easy cashless solution.
All the products have been widely tested on the Italian market by Italian dealers and by installation in important companies, schools and Universities in Milano, this proving their reliability and usefulness. One special feature of the Writer-Readers gives the opportunity to use several and different pieces of equipment by one single card, differentiating the cost according to the device they are linked to and to the service.

Characterised by the highest security level
  • protected by a code and a magnetisation standard difficult to be reproduced
  • provided with the most modern technologies and arranged to offer the highest performance at low cost
  • tested in order to prove that any possible fraud has been eliminated
  • certified CE


Modern, Updated and Versatile

  • they are suited where either a self service sale with pre-paid solution or a control and management of office equipment is requested, as in universities, schools, libraries, firms, institutions, public bodies, copyshops etc
  • They are useful as Fidelity (loyalty) or Cashless Payment System with pre-paid solution in chain stores, shops, hotels, holiday resorts, campsites, discos, car washes etc